Equitable Distribution

Should I Try to Settle or Go to Court and Let a Judge Decide?

There are five discrete legal issues that are commonly associated with divorce: (1) child custody, (2) child support, (3) post separation support, (4) alimony, and (5) equitable distribution of marital and divisible property and debts. Although the actual divorce must be granted by the court, you and your spouse can settle other issues related to your divorce outside of court.

Didn’t Sign a Prenup? A Postnuptial Agreement Might Be Right for You.

A prenuptial agreement (also known as a premarital agreement) is an agreement entered into between two parties who are planning to be married. In order to be legal and binding, a prenuptial agreement must be entered into and signed by both parties before the marriage. However, parties who are already married can take advantage of some of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement by entering into an agreement known as a “postnuptial agreement.”

Six Reasons to Postpone Dating after Separation.

There are no legal guidelines in North Carolina that specify how long you should be separated from your spouse before you begin dating. Some people may feel lonely and want to start dating soon after separation while others have difficulty accepting that their marriage is over or otherwise have no interest in getting involved in a new romantic relationship.