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Daphne Edwards in the reception area of her office at Rexwoods.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Experience. Daphne has over two decades of experience in state and federal courts and has been negotiating and litigating divorce and family law cases for years; she is a veteran of the courts, knows the players and procedure and has sophisticated legal writing skills garnered from working for a Supreme Court justice and federal Ninth Circuit judge who picked her to write for them.

High-Level Skills. Daphne’s background has given her opportunities to develop strong legal writing skills, strong litigation skills, and strong negotiation skills. Daphne spent years working on federal and state appeals, which enabled her to develop forceful writing skills. Presenting cases to federal judges for years and litigating in state district court has enabled her to cultivate the trial skills that are essential in a family law case that goes to trial.

Personal and Dedicated. It is personal. Daphne approaches each client with the personalized attention and care she would want her sibling to receive if going through a divorce. She understands how crucial it is to listen to the client, try to achieve what the client wants, and work as a team with the client. Daphne works tirelessly with each client to get them the best remedy she can and is dedicated and committed to working to achieve the best result. As many of her clients know, she is often at work on the weekends.

Relentless & Aggressive. Daphne is relentless, in negotiations and trials, and while attempting to settle as much as possible, aggressive representation is sometimes necessary.

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